Tucson Grove

Updated August 2023

Branch: RDNA
Type: Grove
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Status: Active
Founded: 2019
Members: 4
Open to public: Yes
Contact name: Meirneal
Contact email: tucsongroverdna&gmail/com
Social media link or website: Facebook group and website

About Our Fellowship

Tucson Grove is a fellowship of the Reformed Druids of North America serving the Tucson, Arizona area. Our rituals are open to the public, so if you are in the Tucson area (or even just passing through), feel free to get in touch!

Tucson Grove Constitution

We, the druids at Tucson, Arizona, in order to make more fruitful our existence, upon the time of Midsummer 2023 in the 61st Year of the Reform, do hereby enact this, our Constitution.

Article I
The name of this fellowship shall be Tucson Grove, Reformed Druids of North America.

Article II
One may become a member of this fellowship upon presenting a petition (which may be either written, or a verbal statement given to an officer of the Grove), stating they believe in the Basic Tenets of Reformed Druidism as set forth in this Constitution.

Article III
The Two Basic Tenets of Reformed Druidism are these:
1: The object of the search for spiritual truth, which is a universal and a never-ending search, may be found through the Earth-Mother, which is Nature, but this is one way among many.
2: And great is the spiritual importance of Nature, which is the Earth-Mother; for it is one of the objects of creation, and with it we do live, even as we struggle through life do we come face to face with it.

Article IV
There shall be three officers of the Grove:
1: The Archdruid shall preside over liturgical services and ordinations, and shall be the principal officer in matters of the spiritual.
2: The Preceptor shall assist in services, and shall be the principal officer in matters of the secular.
3: The Server shall tend the altar and fire, and shall assist in liturgical services.
Other Officers may be appointed by the Archdruid, as needed.

Article V
1: Democratic elections of officers shall be held by ballot annually upon Midsummer. The officers reserve the right to appoint a pro tempore substitute for an absent officer should the need or request arise.
2: In the event a quorum is not able to be physically present, elections may be held by electronic means (email, messaging services, etc.)

Article VI
This Constitution may be ratified by a majority vote in two consecutive meetings of this organization. A quorum, which shall be no less than three members but at least two thirds of the active membership, should be present in order for voting to be carried out for elections and major decisions.

Article VII
I certify this to be a true and accurate record of Tucson Grove, Reformed Druids of North America's constitution, declared and approved by a quorum of the membership, and signed by:
Meirneal, Founding Archdruid, June 21, 2023