Bun an Locha Protogrove

Updated December 2023

Branch: RDNA
Type: Protogrove
Location: Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Status: Forming
Founded: October 31, 2023
Members: 2
Open to public: Maybe
Contact name: Angus an Dobharchú
Contact email: bunanlochagrove&mail/com
Social media link or website: N/A

About Our Fellowship

Information coming soon.

Bun an Locha Protogrove Constitution

We, the druids at Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, in order to make more fruitful our existence, upon the time of Samhain in the 61st Year of the Reform, do hereby enact this, our Constitution.

Article I
The name of this fellowship shall be Bun an Locha Protogrove of the Reformed Druids of North America.

Article II
One may become a member of this fellowship upon presenting a petition stating they believe in the Basic Tenets of Reformed Druidism as set forth in this Constitution.

Article III
The Two Basic Tenets of Reformed Druidism are these:
1: Nature is Good!
2: Likewise unto the first, Nature is Good!

Article IV
This Constitution may be ratified by a majority vote in two consecutive meetings of this organization. A quorum, which shall be no less than three members but at least one third of the active membership, should be present in order for voting to be carried out for elections and major decisions.

Article V
I certify this to be a true and accurate record of Bun an Locha Protogrove's Constitution of the Reformed Druids of North America, declared and approved at two consecutive meetings by a quorum of the membership, and signed by:
Angus an Dobharchú, Founding Provisional Arch-Druid.